Persons: 1-2     Cost: $   Level: easy     Time: –      Ingredients: fish can be hard to find

My hometown is near the Baltic Sea, so I am used to eating quite a lot of fish, especially smoked ones. This is something I miss a lot in Paris.

In Poland, I was pampered with different species of smoked fish, and for me the most precious one is mackerel. Luckily, in my little Poland at the Bastille Market (mentioned in a previous post ), I can keep spoiling myself with this delicious and healthy snack.

FoodMarket at Bastille Paris

FoodMarket at Bastille Paris

You don’t really need a recipe, because making smoked fish simply isn’t possible in most normal home environments. So the first step is to find smoked mackerel—I promise it is worth it, for its taste and many healthy elements, including vitamin A and iron.

I eat this fish 3 different ways:

  1. In slices, on bread
  2. With boiled potatoes and fresh tomatoes, topped with a bit of basil and olive oil
  3. Alone and unadulterated!