Persons: 1     Cost: $$$$     Level: easy     Time: 10-15 min      Ingredients: smoked fish can be harder to find

Today’s recipe it’s just a perfect healthy way to say goodbye to our summer vacation mindset, catch last beautiful and warm sunrises and begin turning the page to more warm and cosy autumn vibes. During this transition, I love closing my eyes and smelling the changes in the air. These brief moments are so poetic and rare to catch, and make me dream about chill evenings with a warm drink, a light but rich meal and my favourite book or tv show 🙂  

For those of you who already follow my blog or have read some posts, you may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of fish. I guess it’s somehow related to my hometown, Szczecin, which is located not far from the Baltic Sea . At my home, fresh and smoked fish was a part of daily life. In France, on the other hand, I discovered many different types of fresh seafood that we don’t have in Poland 🙂  So far, after many discoveries, and comparisons, my heart still belongs to the smoked varieties of my hometown.

What I appreciate about smoked fish, is the unique aroma and deep flavour, which makes me hungry just thinking about it. This type of fish is also easy to eat and pairs seamlessly with many other products, which is great for leftovers, too. In short, it can be beautifully plated as a main dish or snacked on as a simple to-go treat on bread 🙂

The smoked haddock from today’s recipe is a saltwater fish, found in the North Atlantic Ocean and associated seas. It’s not the most common smoked fish in Poland, but as I’m living in Paris – in a city where smoked fish is not so popular – it’s the best local choice 😉

What I like about this dish is that can be easily prepared with any type of smoked fish, for example, salmon, or mackerel – my favourite 🙂 check out another post here:

The most important thing about choosing a smoked fish (in fact this goes for all types of fish) is to buy it from a trusted source. Why? The traditional way of smoking fish is quite long so some companies now use artificial smoke preparation such as spray or liquid, which is not good for our bodies.

There are two traditional types of smoking, hot and cold, which kills bacteria and naturally preserves the fish. Each of the methods have pros and cons, but nothing is perfect, right? 🙂 I can assure you that both taste just absolutely fantastic. Smoked fish has many positive benefits for our bodies and health, however, we need to be smart about how we eat it. As it is soaked in brine, which contains a quite a lot of salt, it’s important to find a good balance when we prepare our meal. In my personal opinion, the main takeaway today is in fact, balance. Listen to your body and your needs, with a smart, balanced approach.

Ok! so let’s start today’s colourful and light recipe which needs only 2 steps !! 🙂 – always with chezdomia illustrations 

# What you need

  • Smoked Haddock (or another variety that is easier to find)
  • 2 Fresh Tomatoes (I used sweet one)
  • Raspberries
  • Chive
  • Bunch of Dill
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 2-3 Radishes
  • Wasabi sesame (or normal sesame)
  • Good quality Olive Oil
  • Bread (I used white, as it has a more mild taste)
  • salt

# Step 1

Gently wash all vegetables and fruits. Next, remove the tomato stems, cut into slices around 0.5cm (just not too thick) and then once again, in half (shown in the sketch below) and set aside. Cut the radish into the thin, round slices, and then once again in half. So that we could see the beautiful pink skin, which adds a nice colour to our plate.

Chop the chives, cut raspberries in half and put 2 slices of bread into a toaster to slightly warm them up. If you have old bread, here’s a quick and efficient tip for you: simply splash on a little bit of water and toast it on medium heat to dry and warm the bread. You will see that the result is pure magic!


# Step 2

For this step, I suggest following well the illustration, in order to get the best visual effect 🙂

Take a plate and start to decorate, first the tomatoes, next the radish slices, followed by the raspberries (8-10 halves per plate), then sprinkle with chopped chives and dill.

Next, sprinkle the wasabi sesame seeds over all of the ingredients and finish by slowly pouring a bit of olive oil. By this time, your bread should be ready to put on the plate, cut 2-3 thin slices of Haddock, season with lemon, slightly sprinkle your tomatoes with fresh salt and – voila! Your dish looks gorgeous and ready to eat 🙂

Accessories used in the photos⇒ 

Plate: Merci (Paris)

Marble board:  BHV (Paris)

Tablecloth: Hema

All photos & illustrations made by chezdomia