Buckwheat with smoked bacon (Kasza gryczana z wędzonym boczkiem)

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Persons: 2     Cost: $$$$     Level: easy     Time: 25-35min      Ingredients: can be harder to find kefir

The dish I prepared for you today is perfect, especially on late summer or autumn afternoons, when the day wanes and the air gets cooler. During this period, we all dream about something generous and rich – but nothing too heavy as winter is not yet here.

Let’s start with a bit of history 🙂

Kasha is one of the oldest and primal Slavic foods – and no, it’s not potatoes as one might think. This product gained its popularity thanks to the simplicity of its preparation and storage. Over the years, Slavs have cultivated the recipe, using many different types of grain, yielding various flavors and textures. The most popular variation is Millet, as it marries easily with sweet and salty dishes, making it very universal.


Meatloaf stuff with pear on beetroots & mashed potatoes (Kotelt mielony nadziewany gruszka na burakach i puree)

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Persons: 2-4     Cost: $$$$     Level: easy     Time: 30-35min      Ingredients: easy to find

Most likely, the origins of today’s Mielony cutlet (meatloaf) can be traced back to the Pozharsky (Pozarski) cutlet, named after count Dmitry Pozharsky. In fact, both share a similar preparation, with the exception that the Pozharsky cutlet is a breaded ground chicken or veal patty and Mielony cutlet is usually made with ground pork or beef with the addition of an egg. In Warsaw, restaurants served Pozharsky cutlets as far back as the mid-nineteenth century.

I like to think about Mielony (or “Sznycel” in Malopolska) as a polish hamburger; in fact, when I was younger my mum would often pack Mielony sandwiches in my schoolbag – it was always the best, as it’s really tasty even when eaten cold.

Traditionally in Poland, we serve this dish with beetroots and mashed potatoes, however as the flavour is not too imposing, is easy to be paired with various side dishes. Today I have prepared my mum’s recipe with my own personal touch – and my grandfather Stasiek’s recipe for mashed potatoes.


Borscht (Barszcz czerwony)

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Persons: 2     Cost: $$     Level: medium     Time: 1h15min cooking + 1 day to rest      Ingredients: easy to find

Borscht is a soup that will charm almost anyone from the very first sip. Rich taste and elegance, almost hypnotic ruby color, makes borscht just absolutely gorgeous. It’s no wonder that it even charmed king Władysław Warneńczyk and became one of his favorite soups.

However, the soup of these royal times does not resemble today’s version. For years it underwent a culinary revolution, but what has never changed is that borscht is a pure vegan dish based on soured (sourdough) beetroot juice. Its main ingredient beetroot, which is full of anthocyanin (the same pigments present in red wine), helps build our resistance, slow down signs of aging and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Traditionally, we served Borscht at Christmas dinner in one of three main versions:

  • Pure – the recipe from this post
  • With polish ravioli “uszka” – my family ‘s Christmas version
  • With polish croquet – a more casual, every-day recipe often served in bars

As we’re all very busy, we don’t always have time to prepare soured (sourdough) beetroot juice in the time-consuming traditional way. In Poland, shoppers can easily find prepared natural one at local shops; however, as someone who lives in Paris, I know how hard it can be to find abroad. For this recipe which is very close to my heart as it has been passed down to me by my beloved mom, Jola. I’ll show you how to make your own soured-sourdough taste in just one minute, which is excellent for everyday use.


Open-faced Sandwich (Zapiekanka)

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Persons: 2     Cost: $$     Level: easy     Time: 30 min     Ingredients: easy to find

“Zapiekanka” is a most popular Polish street food, and my favorite one. You will find it in almost every city, usually in places that are open 24h., which makes it easy to grab even after a long night of partying 🙂

What I love about Zapiekanka is that it’s simple, super tasty and looks gorgeous. It’s the perfect finger food for a party—and because of its fame, you’ll find it in many tasty combinations. But in my opinion, the best way to enjoy Zapiekanka is to discover its traditional variant first.


Apple Pie Cocktail (Szarlotka)

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Persons: 1     Cost: $$     Level: easy     Time: preparation 10 min      Ingredients: easy to find

The “apple pie” cocktail is among our most iconic cocktails, prepared with Żubrówka®, a brand of Polish bison grass vodka. This cocktail owes its cute and tasty name to its second ingredient, the apple. 

Żubrówka vodka has been made near the Bialowieza Forest (Puszczy Białowieskiej) since the 16th century. The nobility believed that blades of bison grass were an aphrodisiac, which is why, by the 18th century, pure Żubrówka became a favoured drink among nobility (szlachta) and peasantry alike. 

There are plenty of delicious Żubrówka-based drinks, but let’s begin with the most iconic!


Pork Chops (Kotlet Schabowy)

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Persons: 2     Cost: $$     Level: medium     Time: preparation 35-40 min      Ingredients: easy to find

The pork chop, lovingly called ”schaboszczak” in Poland, is one of our most common dishes. It dates back to the time of the Polish People’s Republic. In my family, we would serve it for Sunday dinner, preceded by “rosół,” Polish chicken soup. The first written ”schabowy” was published in Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczówna’s “365 dinners for 5 zloty,” a cookbook that symbolised PPR times.

Pork chops are usually served with fried cabbage salad and potatoes—however, I prefer to prepare it with light, seasonal vegetables and a small Chez Domia twist. I hope you like it!


Bigos with Young Cabbage (Bigos z Młodej Kapusty)

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Persons: 2    Cost: $     Level: easy     Time: 25min     Ingredients: easy to find

The word “bigos” was originally used to explain how to chop, and later transformed into the name of an entire dish. There are many ways to prepare “bigos” stew. All are based on the same basic ingredients, differing only by certain additives and their order of inclusion. We make two main variants, either with fresh cabbage and with sauerkraut, both usually served with a slice of warm, crunchy bread or potatoes. Bigos with young, fresh cabbage is best during summertime, when this vegetable is most naturally ready for harvest. This is why I’m sharing it first.

Bigos (stew) with young cabbage is a healthy and simple dish, perfect after an intensive day when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but still wish to eat something tasty and flavourful.