(Almost all year)

-Autumn types-

Adams’s Pearmain (GB), Akane (JP), Alkmene (DE), Alwa (PL), Antonovka (RU), Arlet (CH), Elstar (NL), Fantazja (PL),  Delikates (PL),  Fiesta (GB), Cox’s Orange Pippin (GB), Lobo (CA), Paulared (USA), Rajka (CZ), Landsberger Renette (DE), Rubin (CZ), Rubinola (CZ), Szampion (CZ)

The apple is probably the most iconic fruit, which can transform in so many ways to adapt to different dishes. Apples dates back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures, who often ate it raw and raved about its juicy pulp, crunchy peel and many healthy qualities.

This rich fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and pectin, which cleans the body of toxins. During digestion, fiber binds heavy metals (cobalt and lead) into insoluble salts, which are then expelled from the body. So, for all the smokers or city dwellers reading this, don’t forget to eat apples! This fruit is not only delicious and beautiful, but it has quite an important role in history as well. Most famously, this “forbidden fruit” was often referred to in religion, mythology and cultures with a lot of hidden symbolism.

Apples are also one of the most common fruits in Poland. In my grandparents’ generation, they usually planted it in their gardens or fields, and often said: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 🙂  Perhaps there is some truth to this. In any case, it’s worth a try! 🙂