Soup is among the oldest dishes consumed by humans. In Poland it appeared around the 13th century, and—because it was relatively cheap and represented a decent meal—was quickly adopted by all classes of society. A boom in vegetable soup happened in the 16th century, when Queen Bona brought greens, which became popular all over the old continent. Soup even found a place in poems and books, like “The Life of the Honest Man” by Mikolaj Rej.
Of course these were primitive forms of soup, and nothing compared to the variety we have today. Still, they remain inexpensive and nutrient-rich, healthy meals, which are easy to prepare … and that’s why they remain beloved in Poland to this day. ☺

Fresh Tomato Soup (Pomidorowa ze świeżych pomidorów)

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 Persons: 2-4     Cost: $$$$     Level: medium     Time: 40min     Ingredients: easy to find Summer is definitely here, and there is nothing better than hitting up the open markets – where we are drawn to the colors and the aromas of fresh vegetables and fruits. During this period I start dreaming about Fresh Tomato Soup – Pomidorowa, or the more common polish…


Polish Royal Broth (Rosół Królewski)

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Persons: 4     Cost: $$$$     Level: medium     Time: 1.5h      Ingredients: easy to find The Polish Royal Broth (Rosół Królewski) recipe that I’m sharing with you today has quite a special place in my heart. First off, it has been passed down to me from my mother. Secondly, this dish always reminds me of sitting in my mum’s kitchen, enjoying all the amazing aromas,…


Borscht (Barszcz czerwony)

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Persons: 2     Cost: $$     Level: medium     Time: 1h15min cooking + 1 day to rest      Ingredients: easy to find Borscht is a soup that will charm almost anyone from the very first sip. Rich taste and elegance, almost hypnotic ruby color, makes borscht just absolutely gorgeous. It’s no wonder that it even charmed king Władysław Warneńczyk and became one of his favorite soups….