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Illustrated seasonal vegetables and fruits with stories

August-seasonal fruits & vegetables journal

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I’m so happy that finally the season for beets has arrived! This veggie is super popular in Poland 😊 and it’s absolutely one of my favourites. I love his hypnotic ruby colour, variety of usage and his fascinating flavour. Beetroots are present in many polish recipes, served as a side to the main dish – usually as veggie salad – or as a soup – the most iconic one, is the beet soup called Broscht/Barszcz czerwony (the recipe


June – seasonal fruits & vegetables journal

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Strawberry -Truskawka

(June-middle of July most popular genre)

This tasty and delicious fruit, which is enjoyed by most people, it’s not a work of nature, but man πŸ™‚ Strawberry we know today is a cousin of wild strawberries, with is the crossroads of two variants: the Virginians and the great Chileans. Some stories say that this it’s thanks to French kind, Louis XIV, who loved the taste of wild strawberries, and asked his botany to create a new and bigger type of these fruits – as a result the first strawberry was born πŸ™‚