Persons: 1     Cost: $$     Level: easy     Time: preparation 10 min      Ingredients: easy to find

The “apple pie” cocktail is among our most iconic cocktails, prepared with Żubrówka®, a brand of Polish bison grass vodka. This cocktail owes its cute and tasty name to its second ingredient, the apple. 

Żubrówka vodka has been made near the Bialowieza Forest (Puszczy Białowieskiej) since the 16th century. The nobility believed that blades of bison grass were an aphrodisiac, which is why, by the 18th century, pure Żubrówka became a favoured drink among nobility (szlachta) and peasantry alike. 

There are plenty of delicious Żubrówka-based drinks, but let’s begin with the most iconic!