Persons: 1     Cost: $$     Level: easy     Time: preparation 10 min      Ingredients: easy to find

The “apple pie” cocktail is among our most iconic cocktails, prepared with Żubrówka®, a brand of Polish bison grass vodka. This cocktail owes its cute and tasty name to its second ingredient, the apple. 

Żubrówka vodka has been made near the Bialowieza Forest (Puszczy Białowieskiej) since the 16th century. The nobility believed that blades of bison grass were an aphrodisiac, which is why, by the 18th century, pure Żubrówka became a favoured drink among nobility (szlachta) and peasantry alike. 

There are plenty of delicious Żubrówka-based drinks, but let’s begin with the most iconic!


#what you need

  • Żubrówka, Bison Grass Vodka
  • Fresh apple juice, or one of good quality 
  • Mint leaves for decoration
  • Ice
  • Cinnamon powder (also for decoration)

# step 1

If you wish to make your drink very fresh and cold, first take your cocktail glass, fill it with ice and set it aside.

Recipe for one cocktail

If you want to make this cocktail with fresh apple juice, prepare your juice first. Next, take a shaker or mug and pour in one shot of Żubrówka (around 40ml), then add around 80ml of apple juice and slowly stir until the colour is clear and unified.



#step 2

If you prepared your glass with ice, empty the glass and add fresh ice-cubes. Now that your glass is perfectly cold, add the cocktail mix you prepared in #Step 1.

apple pie_szarlotka_step2

#step 3

To make your drink even more appetizing and delicious—especially if you like to spoil your guests—you can now decorate it. Cut out a thin, round slice of apple skin and add it to the surface of your drink. Spread a bit of cinnamon over the top, and crown with three leaves of fresh mint.

Voilà! Now your drink looks tasty and colourful.

Na zdrowie! (Polish for cheers!)



Accessories used in the photos⇒ 

Glass – bought in a small shop in Athens (Greece)

Flowers: Peonies and Eucalyptus