#Why Chezdomia

Chezdomia is a sentimental project, born out of the belief in food’s power to evoke memories, help us explore new cultures and bring people closer together.

Let’s start from the beginning. I’m a product/industrial designer, who loves to be inspired by new adventures. The biggest (and still ongoing) of these began with the decision to move to Paris for work. Sounds glamorous, but the first months were quite difficult: new culture, no friends and no language…but I didn’t give up and instead searched for my own way to communicate and express ideas.

As I was alone, naturally, I was missing home and wanting to feel settled. This led me to spend countless hours wandering around and to stumble across the amazing French food markets. It was so exciting discovering and studying new flavors, colors, it became an obsession. Before learning French, the first language I shared in the city was FOOD.

Over time I met some wonderful people that became my best friends (some of them even something more ;)) and I started to create my life.

However, there were still some moments when I was feeling lonely/lost and missing my small Polish routines. It was this nostalgia that gave me the idea to share my “home” with my friends. From time to time I started to cook Polish specialties that I remembered from my childhood to introduce to them. I was warmly surprised how they were interested to discover new flavors, combinations of taste and different ways of preparing of fruits and vegetables.

And then I thought why not to share polish recipes with others to show how Polish cuisine can be tasteful and elegant, just like French one 🙂

#What you can find at Chezdomia

You can find all palettes of traditional Polish recipes twisted with a Chezdomia touch. You will be brought into real Poland without deception, with stories about Polish history told to me by my family and tips about food, culture and life 🙂

I hope you enjoy the journey !