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August 2016

Pork Chops (Kotlet Schabowy)

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Persons: 2     Cost: $$     Level: medium     Time: preparation 35-40 min      Ingredients: easy to find

The pork chop, lovingly called ”schaboszczak” in Poland, is one of our most common dishes. It dates back to the time of the Polish People’s Republic. In my family, we would serve it for Sunday dinner, preceded by “rosół,” Polish chicken soup. The first written ”schabowy” was published in Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczówna’s “365 dinners for 5 zloty,” a cookbook that symbolised PPR times.

Pork chops are usually served with fried cabbage salad and potatoes—however, I prefer to prepare it with light, seasonal vegetables and a small Chez Domia twist. I hope you like it!


Bigos with Young Cabbage (Bigos z Młodej Kapusty)

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Persons: 2    Cost: $     Level: easy     Time: 25min     Ingredients: easy to find

The word “bigos” was originally used to explain how to chop, and later transformed into the name of an entire dish. There are many ways to prepare “bigos” stew. All are based on the same basic ingredients, differing only by certain additives and their order of inclusion. We make two main variants, either with fresh cabbage and with sauerkraut, both usually served with a slice of warm, crunchy bread or potatoes. Bigos with young, fresh cabbage is best during summertime, when this vegetable is most naturally ready for harvest. This is why I’m sharing it first.

Bigos (stew) with young cabbage is a healthy and simple dish, perfect after an intensive day when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but still wish to eat something tasty and flavourful.